Christina is one of the anchor stores in RainTree. Following the shop in shop concept Christina offers a large collection of clothing and accessories.

Christina started with accessories that combined superior quality leather with beautiful silks. These signature items were wallets, handbags and scarves. Within a year our first silk shirts were introduced to match the accessories. The incredible success of the garments gave Christina the confidence to expand the brand. Today Cristina has a large collection of clothing and accessories and while they retain their original pieces and remain consistent in their dedication to quality craftsmanship and tailoring, Christina introduces new pieces each season and strives to create and innovate itheir design aesthetic.

Christina's fabrics are sourced from the most talented weavers across the country and prints are developed in collaboration with artisan printers using wooden block print methods which date generations, combined with modern digital printing. Christina prides themselves on bringing in fresh designs while maintaining a sense of tradition and adhering to quality