Anokhi, the pioneers of hand block printed textiles, is one of the anchor stores in Raintree.

The hand block is carved out of shisham (Indian rosewood) and is the earliest of printing devices while dyeing with vegetable colours is the oldest of colouring techniques.

Anokhi's designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence. Its designers seek the bold and the striking, the graphic and the colourful, using modern printing techniques to keep pace with a demanding and fast moving world market, keeping the spirit of resurgence always alive.

For many years, Anokhi has also been developing products in specialised areas such as appliqué, embroidery, patchwork and bead work, which now constitute a significant part of its product range. Together with garments - Indian and Western in design - home textiles, sarongs and accessories, Anokhi offers a diverse and colourful selection of products to all the visitors at Raintree.